• Consultants specialising in personal ozone modalities
  • Manufacturers of TAO Gels & Oils
  • Service provider for odour removal and sterilisation in domestic, commercial and industrial environments.


Somala Hobday foundered Ozone Solutions Ltd

I, Somala Hobday foundered Ozone Solutions Ltd in the Waikato in 2003 for the purpose of utilising ozone to remove odours and sterilise indoor environments. I learned much about ozone and its endless uses from my father Russell Chittenden who had been actively researching and experimenting with it for a good 5 years prior. In 2005 Russell became my business partner and we merged Tri-Atomic Oxygen (TAO) and Ozone Solutions Ltd together adopting a more extensive technology field. In 2009 I parted ways to pursue family life, but have since taken back the reins in December 2013 after the passing of my beloved dad. A new era unfolds and I hope to continue fragments of Russell's legacy to the best of my ability in balance with married life, motherhood and rural wholesome living - a challenge for everyone these days.


Sadly Russell passed away 25/12/2013 after a 16 year journey and without a doubt is a testimony to the use of ozone, years gifted and treasured by his family. He touched so many lives with his compassion for the living and the belief in ozone and how with a holistic approach it can positively impact our health, for the extensive knowledge he shared and respect he earned locally and abroad. We miss him dearly.

If you are interested in reading Russell's Story, email your request to info@ozonesolutions.co.nz